Today major business schools in France need to prepare students for their future role in corporations (See Recommendations to the Prime Minister, a report on « Well being and efficiency in the work place », February 2010.

The report states that students should be:

  • Prepared for their role as managers of the 21rst century
  • Capable of intervening in English in an effective way to play an active role in international contexts
  • Know how to mobilize the resources of a team in a dynamic way in multicultural situations

These are the 3 points of expertise James Dillon demonstrates as bicultural consultant and conference speaker. He has led programs for over 20 years in major French business schools and Universities. (See the list below)

Three main areas for his programs:

1          Teaching focused on soft skills, on topics pertaining to human resources:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creative thinking processes
  • Managing conflicts and problem solving
  • Negotiation

2          Starting out and succeeding in a business career:

  • Identify the different sectors and target key corporations
  • Analyze skills and preferences
  • Know how to present themselves and their companies, succeed in interviews and meetings and perform well under pressure

3          Sustainable Development, a sector full of opportunities:

  • Allowing students to acquire skills and to leverage their interest
  • A program that includes specialists from corporations leading cutting edge projects


James Dillon works in both French and in English, which facilitates synergies with foreign students along with French students.

He provides:

  • Knowledge of international companies
  • A posture as a certified coach able to transmit concepts and tools while encouraging the autonomy of students
  • A pragmatic pedagogy that is oriented towards participation and experimentation
  • Internationally recognized behavioral and cognitive tools
  • His ability to facilitate in a lively, interactive way


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