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Professional and pedagogical design experience, certifications in cognitive and behavioral sciences.

Trained in dynamic approaches to develop human potential and to manage differently.



Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI), a recognized evaluation of personalities based on the insights of Carl Gustav Jung.

Team Management Systems (TMS), a team assessment based on eight functions expressed by teams in a work context. This tool allows a team to understand its strengths and weaknesses and to help each team member to improve his or her interactions and the team’s overall performance.

Hogan Leadership, a suite of three leadership assessments. Intended for executives and high potential profiles, it provides insights into personality characteristics and managerial behaviors.


Organization Relations Systems Coaching (ORSC), a rich foundation of models and tools designed to develop) emotional intelligence for individuals and to understand systemic trends in a group or organization.

Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful values-based approach used to generate change within an organization. It is based on social constructivism and enables teams and organizations to seek out the profound reasons for their company’s strengths, successes and resilience. It induces an affirmative posture expressed by the worldview of employees themselves regarding their work and collective performance.

The Systemic Approach (The School of Palo Alto), the comprehension of how systems work in an organization or enterprise, with its resistances potentialities.

Transactional Analysis, Eric Berne: the analysis of psychological games often perpetrated in an organization, which triggers interpersonal conflicts.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP): developing awareness of each individual’s internal motors and sensitivity of their five senses. These tools allow people to know themselves and their behavioral tendencies more completely as well as to improve their interpersonal communication.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS), among the sources enriching the Agile methodology and Design Thinking. This approach allow a team to see problems and challenges from a new angle and to discover innovative and concrete solutions.

Situational Leadership, Hersey et Blanchard, 4 managerial postures to develop the autonomy of employees and to reinforce their de management their engagement and sense of ownership of initiatives and projects.

Harvard Negotiation Project, Roger Fisher and William Ury, the inventors of the “win-win” approach to negotiating. This is a set of techniques to help unblock conflicts and that enables negotiators to develop a viable and durable partnership, the ultimate sign of a successful negotiation.

Co-Development, a cross-functional exchange of leadership practices among peers. Instead of simply giving advice to one another, the partners learn to ask key questions that have a laser effect regarding a particular issue, and which get a person who initiates the exchange about a given issue for the session to reflect more deeply about his or her leadership.

The 11 Core Competences of International Coach Federation. All members of ICF are trained and certified with this referential framework. It provides coaches with a structured approach with key criteria that need to be expressed throughout a coaching session, beginning with the contract between the Client et Coach regarding the result expected by the Client by the end of the coaching session.



International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC)

European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)



Meet the Challenge of Change in 7 Steps


Originally published in French:

Réussir le défi du changement en 7 étapes : Quand les ours écoutent les lapins

ISBN 978-2-916831-09-1


Dictionnaire de Coaching, published in French by DUNOD

Entreprise mode d’emploi, a collective edition of coaching models and tools, published in French

Articles by James Dillon on management and coaching



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