Meet the Challenge of Change in 7 Steps

Meet the Challenge of Change in 7 Steps: When bears listen to rabbits

Brigitte Warnez and James Dillon provide keys to anticipate and bounce back in situations involving change, with their new book in French edition:

Their process in seven steps stimulates us in a new and original way to emerge with pragmatic and innovative attitudes. Their method is the fruit of analyzing several real-world cases, both individual and collective.

The seven steps are each illustrated by the successful companies:

  1. Seeing signs of inevitable change coming
  2. Creating an alliance
  3. The vision
  4. The necessity of convincing others
  5. Undergoing a hard test
  6. The resources of the team
  7. Success and celebration

Their book presents:

  • An explanation of key concepts
  • Practical cases in today’s companies which used these approaches
  • A test intended for managers to evaluate their aptitude for change.
  • A business allegory told in the form of an adventure, showing how to be aware and to use intelligence when faced with challenging situations and to manage emotions and issues that arise with our teams.

Taking a leap with our imaginative powers lets us reach for creativity and gets us to think in a powerful way to find solutions for tomorrow. We can transpose this allegory in our personal and professional context and discover how we can thrive with change.


Originally published in French:

Réussir le défi du changement en 7 étapes : Quand les ours écoutent les lapins

ISBN 978-2-916831-09-1