La décision éclairée par le sens

Categorie: FR Coaching & Management, nouvelles découvertes

  • Qu’apporte le coaching dans la prise d’une décision complexe ?
  • Comment faire la part des éléments rationnels et des émotions ?

« Si vous aviez une seule décision à prendre, laquelle serait-elle ? »

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What counts in decision-making

Categorie: ENGLISH Coaching & Management, new discoveries

What coaching provides to clients who face a hard decision

How we can strike the right balance between the rational and emotional elements that go into making a decision

“If you had just one decision to make, which one would it be?”

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Don’t deprive your company of the intelligence and reactivity of your human capital!

Categorie: ENGLISH Keys to success in Management

Co-development, a chance for enterprises

Co-development is an approach to accompany a change process in an enterprise, a dynamic search for solutions. Small, voluntary groups from different departments come together at regular intervals to share their skills and experience.

The process and underpinning of co-development, experimented and refined for over fifteen years in Canada, is based on a cross-functional vision of a corporation. It requires deep investment in building trust as well as a rigorous facilitation by an external coach.

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